5,8ft (177cm) Los Angeles

Availability: Outcall

Ethnicity: European

Height: 5,8ft (177cm)

Weight: 54kg

Hair Color: Blonde


Description - Brooke 5,8ft (177cm) Los Angeles

26 year old Female from Los Angeles, United States Brooke is not like anyone else you’re likely to meet! A very unique and vivacious young lady, her strength of character, fearless adventurism and stunning looks will have you fascinated. Extremely intelligent and inquisitive, beautiful Brooke is an energetic, enthusiastic person who loves to experience new things and places. She’s fit, active and bold, without being reckless or boisterous. She’s a captivating blend of elegance, poise and quirkiness. If you like something out of the ordinary, you’ll certainly not be bored with Brooke! With lovely deep blue eyes that can pierce through you, she respects integrity and directness in people. She much prefers an upfront discussion than guessing games. She also appreciates building trust with others, and is rather trustworthy herself when it comes to secrets and being relied upon.

From an equally adventurous family, which moved frequently, Brooke earned her enjoyment of new experiences from her parents. Think Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movies.. Delightful! She remains close with her family, and spends a lot of time with them. With a definite attraction to dark, sensual and off-beat things, Brooke is particularly thoughtful, creative and original. Well spoken and well educated, she has been raised with strong sense of independence and morals. She has a lovely sense of humor and one can enjoy a rather ironic and playful banter with her.



This delightfully unconventional beauty, rather than being a writer or such, is actually in medical sales. With a BSc in neuro-biology and an MBA, Brooke’s future goals include sourcing and providing medical equipment for healthcare facilities. She loves to learn, and has an innate understanding of her field, and surrounding issues. Direct, focused and attentive in her work, these qualities bleed into her personal life also.


Brooke, not surprisingly, loves kickboxing and running. One can often see her out on her morning run with her beloved pups, and is extremely outdoorsy, athletic and active. She enjoys all kinds of food, but gravitates towards Italian/ Mediterranean cuisines. Fun, humorous, intense and loyal, this lovely lady is an exciting and intoxicating date